Imagine a place where design meets wilderness, where necessity meets adornment, where boldness meets delicacy. Here we discover the power of the curve of an elephant's tusk. We are granted limitless permission to ascend the steps of Notre-Dame de Paris. We uncover as new, the unbroken lines of Picasso, the beautiful and  striking mind of Kahlo, and the revolutionary, daring minimalism of the Bauhaus.

Madeleine Reay jewelry is born from the ideas and ideals put forth by the divine designers, architects, and artists before her. Every piece has been hand drawn with intention and purpose. Each design is hand-carved and hand-finished using only the highest quality of precious metals.

As we construct buildings and monuments and adorn our spaces, so too can we adorn ourselves with jewelry as art.  


Madeleine Reay began as an outlet to honour the artists and the work that shaped and influenced all of us. Through the process of designing, drawing, and carving, Madeleine Reay jewelry becomes an homage to all artistic and humanistic work. It's a nod to the act of creating, meant to be shared among all of us.

Madeleine Reay jewelry is ethically, responsibly, and sustainably made. Each piece is made locally, by hand from start to finish in Vancouver, Canada. 

Madeleine Reay jewelry is made to the highest standard to honour all who wear it.